What happens when

you get a Ticket?

From the moment you get pulled over everything you do will have an effect on your citation!

1. Action against your California driver's license.
2. Points on your driving record (even if you are licensed in another state).
3. You will have a duty to either appear in court or pay fine by a certain date.
4. Increased car insurance rates and a permanent point on the DMV record.
5. Expensive fines and late fees if not paid on time.

What to do when you get a Ticket?


Once you see the officer behind you trying to pull you over, you should slowly and safely comply and pull over where it is safe for you and the officer.


If the officer issues a traffic ticket for a violation:

  1. Stay calm, do not argue with the officer.
  2. Do not agree to being at fault.
  3. Ask informative questions. (i.e. what device officer used to stop you and or what  the reason for the stop was).
  4. If the officer asks, “Do you know why I stopped you?” do not offer him a reason.
  5. Review the citation before signing it, and sign the ticket.*

(*Remember by signing the ticket you are not admitting fault, you are just promising to appear in court).


  • Exercise Your Legal Right to Fight Your Ticket, or
  • (2) Just pay your ticket with or without traffic school*. If you delay too long, you will pay your full ticket cost, might get costly points on your license, plus face a $300-$700 late fine.
  • Don’t pay that ticket. Speak to one of our knowledgeable associates and let us “Crush your ticket”.

Paying the ticket seems simple enough, however, 90% of the time paying the ticket might be the most expensive way to resolve the case because a lawyer can not only help you to exercise your legal rights but to save you from unwanted points on your license or fines that could be reduced or dismissed.

*For many tickets, traffic school is not an available option.

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