North County

North County Regional Center

The North County Regional Center is a facility shared by the Superior Court, Sheriff, Probation, District Attorney, Revenue and Recovery, and the Board of Supervisors. The North County Superior Court is a full service branch court. Currently the Court hears Criminal, Civil, Family Law, Probate, Small Claims, Appeal, Adoption, Traffic and Minor Offense cases. This branch court has a venue encompassing most of Northern San Diego County.Most operations and departments which are functional at the main courthouse in downtown San Diego are also operating at this branch. There is a business office handling all filings and records, Arbitration Department, jury facilities, Family Court Services, Probate Examiners, Legal Research Department, and an Older Records and Exhibits Office. Court Reporters and Judicial Secretaries round out the support for this branch.

Phone Numbers

  • Information/Business Office:
 (760) 201-8600
  • Accounting:
 (760) 201-8600 x16420
  • Administration:
 (760) 201-8600 x123
  • Adoptions:
 (760) 201-8600 x1410
  • Appeals:
 (760) 201-8600 x17120
  • Civil:
 (760) 201-8600 x150
  • Court Reporters:
 (760) 201-8516
  • Criminal:
 (760) 201-8600 x160
  • Family:
 (760) 201-8600 x140
  • Family Ex Parte line:
 (760) 201-8176
  • Jury:
 (760) 201-8600 x130
  • Juvenile:
 (760) 201-8600 x1420
  • Small Claims:
 (760) 201-8600 x1510
  • Traffic – Minor Offenses:
 (760) 201-8500

For specific department calendar telephone numbers, see the list of current departments.

The North County Regional Center is located at:325 South Melrose Dr.
Vista, CA 92081

From Interstate 5

Exit the freeway at Highway 78 and drive East approximately 7 miles. Exit Highway 78 at Melrose Drive and turn right. Proceed approximately 1/4 mile to County Complex Way. Turn right into the parking lot.

From Interstate 15

From Interstate 15 take Highway 78 west to Vista Village Drive (approximately 12 miles). Exit Highway 78 at Vista Village Drive. Turn left on Vista Village Drive and then right on Hacienda. Turn left on South Melrose. Proceed approximately 1/8 mile to County Complex Way. Turn right into the parking lot.

The public parking lot is located in front of the courthouse.

(844) 999-9987


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