Los Angeles Traffic Courts

Below is a full list of addresses for the different traffic courts in Los Angeles.

For people dealing with traffic violations and traffic warrants, we provide professional legal services. Regardless of the traffic court or courthouse, as long as it is in Los Angeles County, we can assist. Instead of you taking time out of your busy day, we show up in court on your behalf. However, if it is mandated that you appear in court, we will be there with you for guidance and protection.

The page listing for Traffic Ticket Problems that we provide assistance with is also listed below.

Location of the Court

Located on the bottom of the traffic ticket that you were issued is the name of the court and its address. If you are unfamiliar with that location, simply check the status of your LA traffic ticket. You can also benefit from our area map, which clearly shows all of the court locations throughout Los Angeles County.

Due Day for Paying the Traffic Ticket

The date that your traffic ticket must be paid is marked on the bottom portion of the ticket itself. It is imperative that you take action no later than this date, or you will be at risk for arrest. Keep in mind that the court rarely sends out a courtesy letter, notification, or reminder.

If no action is taken by the date listed on your traffic ticket and you fail to appear in court by the due date, your driver’s license will have a DMV Hold placed on it. In addition, you will formally be charged with a Failure to Appear (FTA – VC 40509.5 Hold).


Courts in Los Angeles County are closed on specific holidays.

Traffic Courts

Los Angeles – Metropolitan Courthouse

We have experience in helping people with traffic violations in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Courthouse. As one of the largest courthouses in the Los Angeles County, it handles criminal misdemeanor and traffic cases.  This courthouse is located at 1945 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90007. To learn more about this courthouse, click here.

Los Angeles – Van Nuys West Courthouse

One of the two largest traffic and criminal (misdemeanor and felony) courthouses in Los Angeles is located near our headquarters. Our team considers this courthouse to be our “home courthouse”. Traffic Clinic has successfully dismissed thousands of citations in this court. Our familiarity with the prosecutors judges and police officers, as well as developed relationships over the past decade has allowed us to successfully navigate our clients cases to successful victories. Located at 14400 Erwin St, Van Nuys, CA 91401. To learn more about this courthouse, click here.

Los Angeles – Beverly Hills Courthouse

Although you have received a ticket in Beverly Hills courthouse be advised that your trial will not be in this courthouse. However your first initial appearance and traffic clerks office is located at this courthouse. To know more information about your Beverly Hills ticket please call our team of experienced attorneys for a free consultation. To more about his courthouse click here.

Los Angeles – Chatsworth Courthouse

This particular courthouse handles civil litigation family law and traffic law. There are two dedicated courtrooms along with a clerks office who assist with traffic ticket violations. Our attorneys have been successful in reducing and dismissing the citations in this courthouse.

Los Angeles – Santa Monica Courthouse

For both traffic tickets and warrants, we have helped a large number of people in the Beverly Hills Courthouse. Tickets that were issued by the West Hollywood Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Beverly Hills Police Department are handled in this courthouse.

Los Angeles Federal Court

We can also help if you received a federal ticket while on federal property located in Los Angeles County and have to appear in federal court. In this case, we will go to the Edward Roybal Federal Courthouse at 255 Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. You can gain more information on federal tickets, which are different from others, here.

Los Angeles Superior Courts/Traffic Divisions

If you were issued a traffic violation for any one of the following locations, please call us immediately so that we can discuss your case. We offer extensive experience working with each of these courts.

Los Angeles Courthouses

We work with all of the following traffic courts and courthouses in Los Angeles for ticket violations.

For a full list of the traffic problems that we handle, please visit our Traffic Ticket Help page.

Skilled Los Angeles Traffic Attorney

For any traffic ticket that you received in Los Angeles County, please call 844-999-9987 so that one of our skilled attorneys who specializes in traffic problems can assist. Our legal consultations are always 100% free.

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